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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 22 March, 2016.

    50 pint PEAKE dehumidifier

    Price:  TTD$2,259.00

    50 pint Dehumidifiers are designed to reduce the amount of water vapour ( humidity) in the air around temperatures of 30 deg C. 50 pint dehumidifiers are designed for excessively damp rooms up to 2,000 sq feet. 

    High humidity causes excessive sweating which cannot evaporate and makes you uncomfortable and also disrupts your sleeping patterns. Thus having a dehumidifiers provides some comfort in a crowded room while saving energy as AC unit temperatures don't have to be lowered. Humidity also  causes a damp room smell and affects the lifetime of wooden furniture, fabrics, carpets and walls. Humidity is removed from incoming air from windows and doors. Pests, insects and mold growth is discouraged. Also reducing humidity helps in reducing allergies and improving sleeping patterns.  

    The water vapour( humidity) in the air is condensed into a water bucket which can be drained using a pump and attached hose. There is an air filter that can be cleaned.  There are an number of push button and LEDs on the control panel. A continue function pad provides continuous operation. A turbo function pad controls air fan speeds. A timer pad sets operation times. Humidity levels are set from  35% to 85% in increments of 5%. Drier air require a lower % value. A ON/OFF power pad for operation. There are  LED indicator lights for pump operation, clean filter, defrost, bucket full, high fan and ON/OFF lights.
    When the evaporator coil frosts over, it automatically defrosts itself using the fan while keeping the compressor off. 
    Accessories include a  pump drain hose and powered cord buckle.
    Power cord is 115V- 60 Hz 3 pin. It uses R410A Environment friendly refrigerant.


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